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Vintage bag Do you have a collection? These big-name vintage bags are hard to buy

When it comes to retro bags, its implementation is very popular in many brands. It can be said that all styles are retro. Perhaps you don't need special cases to see which package's hardware is old, and it's easy to pick one. Retro bag, when it comes to low-key personality connotation of the retro bag, will naturally think of Vintage big bag, literally means that antique bags, can be described as a business card rich and tasteful woman, just like a collection of works of art, Old-fashioned but difficult money to buy the package. I do not know when to start, retro style has become a fashionable trend of a rising trend. Regardless of what is popular in the season, there are always some people who are more willing to taste an "old" style that looks old and unimpressive. However, no matter how retro a package design, it is always harder to have a retro taste than a truly age-old bag. This is why, so many fashion-loving girls, buying all kinds of the latest models, but specifically sought after those vintage vintage bag! The word “vintage vintage” first originated from Japan, referring to top brands of used clothing bags. Although many second-hand stores call their own vintage shops, vintage experts generally believe that packages older than 10 years can be called vintage vintage bags. These bags are mostly bags for the 50s and 60s. I also like all kinds of vintage packages. I don't have much to start with, but I have studied many different styles. Let us take a look at today, some of the most worthwhile models in the vintage package. The Vintage package is particularly special, after all, it is from the creation of so many different brands at different times. Today's article is certainly not finished. Today we can't finish it. We will continue to say it next time! 1: Forever Hermes Vintage Hermes Vintage Bag For many girls who love bags, go to the vintage store, how can we not see Hermes? In particular, the Hermes Birkin Platinum Package is definitely the ultimate goal for every loved one! Although classic, platinum packages are not really easy to buy. Not only do you have to buy high-quality bags, you want to find your favorite colors and materials to take a chance. The crocodile skin platinum bag is the most precious, the output is very small, not easy to buy If you really want a very special platinum package, and do not want to wait, then go to the vintage shop or second-hand shop Tao Yi Tao may be easier to find much more! And maybe the price is still better to accept a little bit. In fact, the platinum package of the vintage and the current style have little difference in appearance. Because of the relationship between age and fashion trends, there may be some differences in details, but it is almost negligible. Sometimes you can find materials that are not common and are no longer available. Hermès Birkin So Black is still a dream that many people dream of Not only special materials, ZhongGuo shop can sometimes find special color matching or special platinum packages that have been discontinued globally. For those who love bags and collect bags, they can meet their long-awaited packages at the vintage shop. It's time to treasure! This very special platinum package, if the vintage shop or second-hand store has a better bag status, the price may be higher than the store sales, after all, such treasures are difficult to buy. Bessie loved a variety of platinum packages that year, especially loved by Shoulder Birkin replica handbags cheap wholesale replicas. Although the vintage package is sold at a vintage shop or a second-hand shop, there are actually a lot of packages that haven't been used very much, or the former owner loved it very much, so it looks very new! Even some of them are brand new, and they will be marked with “never used.” This style is just like a brand new one, just a little bit more. Of course, there is almost no trace of the platinum package, the price will be relatively high, and sometimes even higher than the price of the shop. More or less vintage bags will encounter missing parts, such as shoulder straps, unusual locks or keys, and even the original dust bag. In this case, the price must have declined

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double bag what new color

Many small buddies are impressed by Mona's killer bag. However, today we don't talk about the doomed killer bag. Instead, we have to talk about its sister bag - double bag. And killer bag belong to Prada, also has a similar appearance, but the double bag gas field is still not a killer bag, a simple atmosphere of the ladies handbag, an elegant woman temperament handbag! OL business casual commuter style, compared to the double bag more of a feminine femininity and elegance, then Xiaobian take you to see this package, and what new color it out this year. The desire of girls to own Prada is no less than wanting to have a strong love. After reading "The Queen of Prada", the inexplicable Prada will have a strong desire. It represents the top fashion trend and the upper social circle. It also represents one's attitude towards life! How many girls want to become the heroine of the play? Double bag can help you create a queen temperament in the workplace! Prada double bag is more elegant and feminine than other commuter-style handbags. It is a rectangular bag shape, double handle design, simple atmosphere, and the bag body is much softer than the killer bag, showing elegant The sense of line can be used with a shoulder-to-shoulder, although there is also a long shoulder strap, but the big bag is definitely more masculine with shoulder and hand. The package is very similar to Prada's other killer bag. Sometimes people can't tell if they match it. The shape material and decorative accessories, Prada triangle logo in the middle of the handle, is it a familiar feeling? However, double bag is like a softer version than killer bag, more in line with the temperament of modern urban women. Double bag material is also full of prada's classic atmosphere, the outside of the leather is the use of Saffiano embossed leather material, clear texture, exquisite detail texture, enrich the bag of the outside, the color has become very texture, delicate edge The oil process outlines elegant lines, adding a layered feel to this handbag; the inner lining is a touch-feeling Napa leather, the colors inside and outside are not the same, and the fashionable and lively color matching makes the bag Adds unlimited charm! Double bag also made a flip inner pocket, which is a very special small design, convenient and practical. Double bag made of Saffiano embossed leather, the details are very beautiful, the color is also very texture. The circular and slender double handle design is more feminine and elegant. There are also leather straps that can be detached and adjustable in length. Double bag size: depth 14.5cm x height 25.0cm x width 33cm This double bag lady bag can now be purchased in five colors, ink blue (lined in red), black (lined in red), fire truck red (lined in black), bean sand color (lined in black) , pink white (in black). I believe that as long as one eye will be robbed by the red eye, obviously very public but elegant women temperament, the key is this red seductive and the atmosphere, the Italians are very keen on the red and green, this is no exception for the Chinese people, I like the bright and lively colors. It is stylish and formal. It is very suitable for work, but it is suitable for some important festivals. It is more festive and it is very western.


high imitation brand bag

Many beauty-conscious girls want to buy high-quality, high-grade bags, but suffer from the industry's lack of understanding. Plus, thousands of businesses in the online channels say that they are 1:1 or even original, so those who do not understand It is also difficult for girls to choose. As a professional supplier of branded handbags in 1989, I just wanted to share my supply experience with everyone. I hope that there will not be any deceived sisters, and that it would be too expensive to buy a big bag. The feeling of crying without tears is really hard to come by. First of all, talk about the level of high imitation bags, the so-called grade points, is classified after the comparison, when a manufacturer produces a product of the highest level, followed by other manufacturers to follow the higher production grade The product. A. A goods in addition to LOGO is not like anywhere, the xafs price of 200 to 300 or so (sincerely do not choose this kind of goods) Two. One to one Better than A, made with ordinary leather, the xafs price of 500 or so (back style can choose this) The original version of the three is more popular, leather and metal as close as possible to the original, the xafs price of eight or nine hundred or more Four top single original top cargo. This is the closest to the counter goods, the basic factory is purchased from the counter genuine opening, leather hardware work is first-class xafs prices in the 1000 to 2000 or so to see the specific brand, of course, is more expensive, specific also depends on the bag The size and the leather. Hermès and a handful of Chanel bags are made from imported high-grade leather. There are several productions a day, because the production process is made by hand sewing one thread and one thread. The hand is fine and the texture is first-rate. Made of superior materials, so the high price, love bags friends, this kind of bag is worthy of your collection. The xafs is very messy. From raw materials, semi-finished products, processing to the finished product xafs, the links are very tight, and only by doing this can production costs be controlled. You can find any brand here, so customers from all over the world are flocking, but it is not easy for you to purchase the top products here. The water in this industry is very deep. Generally, outsiders rarely find any high-end goods. All people were taken to the office to see the goods, and those places were all transferred goods. The main reason was to provide customers with goods to foreign customers to see the goods, and then earn high price difference. Moreover, these goods are to find the supply of small factories getting goods (generally supplied small factories are hidden, will not open the physical shops), so the price is high. If you are purchasing for the first time here and you are a stranger, it is estimated that you will not have a large number of people. Not only will you not look at your face, if you encounter a bad business, you will also hang you. Time filling! This often happens

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